Cera C-Cure

Cera C-Cure, manufacturer and distributor of Crocodile products established since 1992. We have maintained a 100% Thai-owned Company till today. We are leading manufacturers of cement for constructions inkey infrastructure materias including Leakage & Wateroroof Systems, Surface and Floor Systems, especially Cement and Mortar Grout, materials for the tile installation, as well as entire tiling equipments. The products under our brand name "Crocodile" are produced under our "Innovation for Your Family's Happiness" concept that we use every minute to search, experiment, reseach, test and constantly develop with the quality of our products in order to ensure customers, distributors, contructors, architects, engineers, project owners and all Crocodile product usera are using the best quality and international standards. With today's high advanced technology, our Crocodile products are standard certified by United States (ANSI), an international reliable standard certification body. Our Crocodile products are divided into 4 categories:

  • Tile Adhesive (Dry-Set Mortars) and Tile Grout
  • Chemical Cement for Construction
  • Color Cement
  • Ceramic Tile Accessories and DIY

Our focus as well as efficient management in creating innovative products results in the company's stable and steady growth. We are now a leading company in the Thai construction industry and our "Crocodile" products are distributed through our network of dealers throughout the country and overseas.